Einstein said: ”You don’t solve problems with the same thinking that created them.” Are you ready to think differently?

As an international executive, business and career coach and top selling author, Kate delivers results based on 30 years’ practical experience in business.  She works with hard working professionals in services-based businesses.  People like you who deserve exciting work plus healthy and fulfilling lives. Corporations like Microsoft, HP, GSK, IBM, KPMG, Herbert Smith LLP as well as entrepreneurial smaller businesses, national government and professional bodies.

Kate is an internationally accredited coach (Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation). She is committed to her ongoing professional development, engages in supervision and mentors newer and internal coaches too.

You can opt for a fixed-period coaching package, typically over a period of six to eight months as well as an open-ended agreement to work together. You set the pace and your agenda. Here are seven ways in which you may like to work with me:

  1. Executive Coaching - to support you as a leader or manager at work.
  2. Career Waves Programme™ - to re-evaluate your choices and shape up the best direction
  3. Private Coaching - for support at challenging times in your life
  4. Live Life. Love Work™ – to raise the quality of your life and work based on Kate’s book of the same title
  5. Thought Leadership™ – to develop your messages as writer and speaker
  6. Confident Communication - to raise your confidence with how you connect with and influence others
  7. Growth Accelerator Coaching. The latest UK government funding for coaching for business owners ambitious to grow their businesses.

The coaching programmes are suitable for professionals looking to make changes in one or more aspects of their lives and work. Each programme is tailor-made for her client and includes copies of Kate’s books, comprehensive materials and a choice of face to face or telephone sessions.

Contact Kate for more details on how to get started easily.

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