Coaching in Organisations

Moving through tough economic conditions is a great time to radically re-think your approach.   To thrive today we can all benefit from honestly questioning what we are doing, where we add value and change what’s not working. As a professional coach, I challenge and support my clients to top performance with huge personal resilience to safeguard them from burn-out. My clients range from board directors to senior managers, business owners and entrepreneurs – busy, dedicated and bright people – like you!

It’s tempting to draw a red line straight through costs, especially the ‘softer’ stuff of coaching.  Yet, this is the time executives, business owners and leaders need top quality support to find a way through:  to increase revenue, reduce costs, re-energise your employees, turn customers into raving fans or meet compliance issues.

If investing in yourself or your people is the issue, let me tell you how one business owner saved £300,000 in one coaching session, another sales director traced a £25,000 phone deal back to one tool I shared, and another said I saved him from a certain nervous breakdown.

“Coaching with Kate is a true inspiration. So many doors have opened thanks to the work we’ve done on my business, and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next few months”
Rachel McGuiness, Owner, Absolutely Fabulous

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