Private Individuals

Kate enjoys working with a variety of individuals to enable them to increase choices.  She has coached numerous people through life-changing experiences. She works best with professional clients who may be:

Coaching is available by telephone for international clients and face to face depending on your location. (Kate is located in the Thames Valley, UK).  Why not just arrange an initial conversation to see if we are a good match for coaching? Please mail me at

“I worked with Kate when I was going through problems in my relationship, had a bereavement and was under extreme pressure at work.  Having her wisdom and calm approach at the other end of the phone stopped me sinking with overwhelm. I can recommend her highly.” CB, London

“I have just two telephone coaching sessions with Kate each month, and that’s enough to keep me on track with some challenges that can easily get out of hand. It’s invaluable to focus on what’s most important and reminds me to celebrate the successes and look after myself too.” GD. Edinburgh.

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