Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership Programme TM

 The world needs what you have to say, and only you can say it. Yet the message needs to go out there with clarity, confidence and conviction. Everyone has a unique story to tell the world based on their life or business experiences.  How do you take that out and add value to others in the telling of it? You may have been considering writing books, articles or speeches and not sure how to get that started. This programme concentrates on shaping up your messages and taking them to a broader audience with confidence.

 Who it’s for

Anyone who wants to develop a more visible profile; consultants, coaches and leaders who wish to clarify their messages and take them to a wider audience in written or spoken format as books, articles and/or keynote speeches.

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 The programme focuses on:

Clear communication, personal story development, confidence and brand development.

 Included in the programme:

  • Face to face coaching
  • In-between telephone and email support
  • A package of Kate’s books – Live Life. Love Work; Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Dummies; The Neuro-Linguistic Programming Workbook for Dummies; and Building Self-Confidence for Dummies.

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